Hedef Koç Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.

We serve on commercial product advice; Hedef Koç commercial product and quality consulting services.For many years,in the field of trade in each area of production, sales and marketing, installation, after-sales problems, which lived up to all phases of the company, product, service quality  offers solutions for the problem.

Referee organization / expert, an expert in accordance with the legislation on various issues that arise with the staff, all court and legal grounds, sectoral organizations and institutions serve as an expert witness.

The main goals and your business are to invest, to provide employment, to produce, to sell, to collect and / or other alternatives to continue the loop.

You are dealing with the changing of laws, incentives, discounts, dumpings, customs, laws, tax rate changes and you should be aware of all the pros and cons, our job target is to make timely and accurate process that are completed and timely.

Total quality improvement efforts

Workplace management control

Occupational safety

Planned and incremental operating systems

Company coaching

Training of personnel

Globalization, macroeconomic developments in the European Union and several sectors in Turkey in the pasta re at the beginning. The success of companies aiming to become leaders in their sectors will be proportional for  their abilities in implementing holistic strategies for the future. Many firms in a systematic manner without being aware of their internal and external structure has been lost.

Strong competition, rapid developments in technology, new laws and regulations, increasing customer complexity of the emergency plans for companies of today forced to reveal the long-term strategy plans. For this reason, the scope of the planned rehabilitation and reconstruction work, specializing  should be determined by a neutral third eye. This determination by the coach company in dealing with our affairs is very clearly put in front of you with solutions.

Hedef Koç Consulting, developing and globalizing economy quickly realized the integration of management consulting services in Turkey was established in 1994 in order to provide a neutral philosophy.

Hedef Koç Consulting, taking into account the issues change formed business partnerships with leading international service organizations, local business experience has been serving its customers with international know-how.