Using the time in a correct way
Time is the only thing we have equal.
Even if using the time in business and private life in a correct way may seem like two seperate headings,actually it contains a single purpose,it should be combined as "Using the time in a correct way for ourselves".The long part of the day for people that works is spent at work.To complete all the work during the day,we should work continously.We always think for ourselves to allocate time in the evenings and to work all day without a break in our work and we strive for it constantly and rapidly.
In general,the problems are the same:
-We complain about timelessness.
-We say that there is no time left except for working.
-The pleasurable aspects of live pass without we see them and we feel sorry for all the things we could not make.
Do we really use our time in a good manner?
If we do not complain about timelessness,we do not use our time in a bad way and we find time for everything.
But if we complain...
Do we waste our time that will never come back?
We do work for the jobs or people that are not helpful for us and we do not have time for important businesses or people?
Living with planned and programmed life in order to make a program...
You should determine your priorities.
The most important factor is to comply with it as far as possible.
Acting on impulse will cause to use our time unstable.
The time that is allocated for the work program should not be seen as the stolen time from your life.We make plans for our private life and comply with them as long or short term and we should allocate time for plans and programs at our business life and we should comply with them.Some programs may be decided by different administrators working in a team or office chiefs.We have to protect them with the spirit of the team and should be treated with team members in an appropriate manner.Timely and appropriate plans will be useful for days we spend.Declare your ideas and specify your views.The plan may be interpreted differently during application but can not be rewritten again.
Please answer these questions by giving score them between 1-5.
1- Do you like the daily program of working that is offered to you?
2- Can you use the working program in a best way?
3- Do you have your own note system?
4- Can you take immediate and effective decisions when your working plan hampered because of other people?
5- Can you find the tools,implements,spare parts easily?
6-  Does 20% of your time elapse with keeping records,filling forms and routine activities?
7- Does 10% of your day elapse with aimless conversations and non-priority wrong activities?
8- Does less than 10% of your day elapse with inefficient divisions and delays?
9- Can you provide a full compliance for daily working programs?
10- Are defects caused by the center in general?
11- Could you make a better program it it was up to you?
The solutions can not be offered to you about the saving time.There is only one logic.You create the system and you provide the most efficient statement.Please,reduce the time you save for routine,unnecessary,time-wasting activities and take the right decisions in time.Increase the strategic activities in order not to repeat the wrongs an applications that are on behalf of yourself.The programmed working is the usage of time in an effective manner.We should take control the future by taking the control of time.Every individual is the same in terms of time period.A day is 24 hours,a week is 7 days,a year is 365 days.The important thing is to use the time in accordance with the set objectives and priorities.The most important reason of not benefiting from time enough and having difficulties in beginning to work is the irregular usage of time and undetectable priorities.
Who are successful and how?
First of all,the correct identify;there is a big difference between the worker that has to work because of having no option and the person that loves his job.Working has the meaning on the person who loves his job.But it is clear that the person who is unwillingly working has other priorities.The most important reason for being unable to spend the time effectively is "Information Area" and "Impact Area" are not appropriate for eachother.
You have to direct to the work you can do and you should state the problem in the beginning.If your impact area is sufficient for another area,it will cause damage to apply another areas for your teammates and you.
"I have to be more successful in different subjects".
Answer: You should allocate time and be trained.You can not develop yourself through trial and error in the information age.
"Where should I see myself in the future?" 
Answer: The duties you had will carry you to the success in the future.If the smallest work was made planned,its gain will spread for you to all your life.
"Why am I here and where do I want to be tomorrow?"
Answer: You are here for adequate training and skills and when you develop yourself with further training,you won't be falling into deep.
Installation of air conditioning by a person who, by reading the documentation for installation on all the details of the air conditioner or other facilities will not learn that he will lose time at work.Thenceforward reserving for missing data in the first place will be less than the lost time.
The person who finds the time to answer your questions, and you find him, and all his colleagues in the team will save time, for example to provide and most importantly, create personal satisfaction.
The most important thing for a human being is his self confidence.This change will result in your entire life.Of course, time priority and then the other social activities  that are planned and organized for work should be separate from eachother.Spending the majority of time at work should never be seen as a waste of time.Tired of waiting for those who know what they expect from life is trying to achieve.
As a result of these studies,they know that the success will be inevitable.As a result of working during hours in their private life,they will have better health and quality plans.One of the resources which are critical is to achieve the goals on time.We should not forget that we have routine and variable sections in our daily works.
Daily Routines: Planning,Preparations prior to Application,Implementation.
Variable Works: Works that vary according to the person,the natural problems,tertiary issues.
No matter what the status is available,we should work with the completition of our daily routines.In sudden variable situations,we should take effective,efficient,quick and accurate decisions.
The man that sells flour should not consult someone when there is a rain,on the contrary,he should ensure that the flour with the device should not be damaged.If he does not have this preparation,the plans are not made in a correct way. The necessary precautions before starting the sale of the business plan,keeping it next to the counter of the damage and loss of time would be a preventive measure.The person who made the error daily will not be able to make long-term plans.According to this,the time we will allocate for such situations is not waste of time but superfluous.In fact,there is a close cooperation between time and money.
The main problem with the unlimited money scarce resources to meet human needs in terms of time management is a different situation;but time is scarce because the need is endless,
in this case,we should use time wisely.
The most important feature of time, such as the use of other resources for later should not be postponed.You can take money deposited into the bank at any time, but time management, "then this time I drive." can not be said and time has passed to do this in the right way for the future use of the current time.Achieving great things in life, scholars, leaders, geniuse will be there at the same time period.In the community, in the workplace,the ones especially the successful ones will use the time efficiently and well.It adds an awareness of what you are doing and to your business with high quality.
Understanding the Time:
There are two sentences in the most used pattern: "What's the time went by quickly." and "Time has stopped, as if it does not go by."
This statements leads us to have awareness about time.This two ideas are related to the awareness of time.Time passes very quickly where we enjoy feelings. So the time is relative and related to our energy.For example, like 1 hour goes by like 1 min and next to a beautiful woman, it seems like 1 hour is 1 minute. So,it is time to love our work and have more fun and living  fulfilled with the positive thinks.We should do the planned work immediately and we should live with the pleasure,
 This will not only benefit for your boss at work to finish the work on time,this is also for people who knows to manage time due to having internal disciplinary life to make everything within a program.Understanding people who live with  the time control anxiety and stress allows us to make less mistakes.
How to manage time?
Time management, determination of goals, made plans to achieve these goals, the program plans to connect, control and evaluation of the results, no matter how flexible the process of preparation of the plans for the new target.
Effective time management processes as the following:
Objective: To manage your time effectively,you should have a priority goal. Targets do not work, a chain of activities needed to achieve our goals should be done. You should be realistic,achievable, measurable, after adding a target to achieve this goal monthly, weekly and daily plans.
Plan: The activities that shall be done to achieve the goals you set monthly, weekly and daily basis, should be organized and you should consider the priority of the work.You can not decide which job should be done before you ask yourself this question: "What happens if I can not do this today?" Do negative results are the major tasks? You can prioritize your work after filtering such a question.
Once you have planned your work during the day, you must also specify the length of time of working.
Brushing teeth, eating, bathing, there is no need to write such routine activities;because this is both boring and unnecessary process.Noting the important tasks should take place in an appropriate period of time.
Sort by priority,
Time to complete the most important tasks that you should pay attention to the most efficient and energetic ones.
Results and Flexibility: Time management, scheduling, and critical evaluation results are as important as the other things in this way.If you prepared plan and schedule and did not obey them,you should be in a mood whatever happens.The important thing is to see this situation.
If you did not make such a plan,maybe you would not see the wasting time.
For this reason, the  results should be met flexibly you should derive lessons.
Report: Make an overall assessment at the end of the day and according to yourself,use your time efficiently  by giving a score between 0 and 10.
Rhythm Types
Man's basic metabolism during sleep and awake state change will cause different levels of the human energy.These explanations in terms of biological rhythms shows that all human beings are generally meets one of the following three categories:
The Morning Types:
These types are very energetic in the morning.Towards noon,energy reaches its peak and then slowly begins to decline.Towards the evening, the whole performance starts to finish.
Afternoon Types:
These types are having difficult to wake up,they are indifferent and apathetic in the morning.At noon,they begin to wake up and in the afternoon they are full of energy.They calm down when it gets dark.
Always Ready Types:
These kinds of people have the best aspects of the types of mixtures of morning and afternoon types.They wake up early in the morning and they are energetic,at noon they calm down and their performance increases again after noon.
In which category do you see yourself?
Things to do for optimum performance;
- To check the list of jobs,
- Perform routine tasks, vehicle preparation, tool control etc.
- Identify priority works, road route and details of the work,
- The next work plan,
- Road plan and hit the road
- In urgent and / or unusual circumstances,making the right decision quickly
This scheme will benefit for your private life too.Spending more time with your family,being with friends more,listening to music,reading a book,getting a special hobby,occupation and so on activities can be made by spending time for them.This list can be extended further but if we use the time in a wrong manner,we complain about the lack of time and we can not realize most of these requests.
The Importance of Forms of Behavior by using the time in an active manner:
The Importance of Forms of Behavior by using the time in an active manner has a very large share.
In particular the importance of the forms of behavior at work is increasing.
A and B types of people at the end of studies has been demonstrated behavior.
Type A behavior pattern:
A type of behavior in the form of people authorized persons shall not be transferred due to the properties,they do not believe in team work, they think that they do everything and the opinion that there is no special curiosity.
 In addition,their social relations with colleagues are limited.
  This behavior is a format whose specification is as follows;
- They try to achieve success in the competition,
- Aggressive,
- Passionate,
- Restless,
- I centrists,
- Their speech and movements are fast,
- Fast deciding
- Can not find time for themselves
Type B behavior pattern: in the form of B-type behavior, people give importance to team work, they believe that the transfer of power and social relations are very strong. People with this type of behavior exhibit the behavior of type A. This behavior is in a format whose specification;
- Their competition feelings are not developed,
- They are constrained, quiet and slow,
- They are very comfortable in their lives and jobs,
- They give importance to the planning,
- They give importance for quality not quantity,
- Good listeners,
- They think so much and decide later.
People do not show only A-type or B-type behavioral characteristics.
Many people have type A and B behavioral characteristics. For some people, type A behavior characteristic feature and B-type behavior is dominant. According to this ,criterion is  the number and severity of type A behavior.
Which type of behaviour do you have? 
What can be done to use time actively?
First of all,the person should use the time factor in working life and should assist him in this regard and must be willing to bring some solutions. The successful, prominent and accomplished work features are given below:
These should be the primary features:
- A specific business plan,
- Capacity to comply with this business plan,
- Doing the work to be reached during the day,
- Results-oriented plans have been made for the commencement of work,
- The schedule is decided in advance and sowed in emergency situations,
Can these definitions be provided to you in your working environment?
Planning the Job:
Planning is the selection of requiredtools and methods that are organized for the works to achieve the goals.
In this business planning,determining which options are the most appropriate choice to decide what you think requires a creative vision.
The 60% of the active working time is planned, 40% is spent on providing new decisions for elements which appear later.
The factors that may interfere with the planning:
- Daily program to be granted to you in a timely and clear,
- The importance of determining the target for completion of work is not known,
- Inability to effective decision-emergency situations,
- Planning management does not care about people,
- Management and administration, working in harmony with the lack of effective
Planning an informed choice and decision-making process.
What priority do you think your company is planning on?
 Is it made the right choice?
Time Management Blocking Reasons:
People who fail to manage their own time  will not be vulnerable against time.
The desired time management, business and personal time balance out, as a result, stress-free and happy life is maintained constantly.
Time management at work that prevents the reasons as follows.
1 - Your problems;
- Inability to organize team work,
- Postponing the work
- Net decisions failure
-  I mean I do all the work,
-  Can’t say No
- Work scheme is not present.
2 - The other person problems;
- Continuously creating excuses team mate,
- Variable operating conditions.
3 – The problems of the workplace where you work
- Authorization and segregation of duties are not clear,
- Inability to decide,
- The lack of active management in a crisis,
- Regular meetings failure
- Executive inefficiency.
4 - Inadequate tools and hardware problems;
- Lack of communication tools,
- Specified  missing tools that are not completed
Specify  the problem with the group, or groups, specify group number.
If your job is to fill the jar as quickly and fully,in which order do you fill the gravels,large boulders and sand?
Time is the wealth that is allocated to you. Spendings,winnings will be your savings.
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