The Republic of Turkey is the only country to lead the world.

Our country with its young generation and leadership spirit has reached the level to compete with the giants of the world in many areas within 90 years.

We should have the knowledge,expertise and industry.Our supreme leader drew an attention to the necessity of learning every time.

Our country has a very important geographical and strategic position. The underground wealth and ambition of individuals and their practical intelligence are more advanced than the other countries.The point that has been reached with self-confidence and consciously work will be moved to a higher level within a short time.

It is necessary to explore again,the success goes through exploring.It is necessary to explore our working environment,our workers,machines,products and management and even the way of governing and maintaining of the world again.

It will be possible to be integrated with the world by getting to know it better.

What our competitors are doing?How they serve cheaper,better qualified production?We should realize these as visual and practical and we should include them in our own system.Only in this way there will be sectoral and global success.

The logic that is ''I did,it happened,nothing will happen except for this,this shall be tiring for us'' will be the signal of the end.

Absolutely,the things we created are equilavent to success.Our current situation is the indication of individuality.However,this does not guarantee that the point is the end point or it is permanent.Everything in the universe is obliged to renew.The transformation of the snake is a miracle of its healthier and longer life.But it is risky.Choosing the wrong place may be dangerous to be indicator of the moment of completion of the transformation.

The right steps do not eliminate the risk but minimizes it.The indispensables that constitute sub-refractions of the whole in terms of both economics and automation are developing while you are dealing with your works and changing and innovating the economic values in time.As doctors and life coaches that are applied to extend our life and eliminate our life risks,we should entrust our company and working environment to the company coaches and we should take into account the various recommendations and suggestions.

We need well-established companies for our country and economy.

There are many companies in the world that has been operating for hundred years.They provide employment in our country and in many other countries and manufacture.Since the founding of our young republic,when we look,the important companies have survived and many companies have ceased its activity because of not renewing their life channels.

The right steps should be taken at the right time.Because when being late,the taken steps will accelerate the end.Each person who creates production and employment is hero.While you are working,it gives honor to us to control your system for tomorrow and offer new solutions.

Best Regards

Hayrettin Özaydın