The company coach, growth planning and implementation of medium and small enterprises, companies and project partners of the European Union will create programs that can support staff with expert service.

For the establishment of IT-based information system, which has carried out many mechanical and automation project team, design, analysis, development, modeling, preparation of tender documents, project management, supervision and preparation for use, such as offers consult services to our customers.

Training the staff continuously improves the overall quality of your company and will benefit too much.

- Internal staff training

- Business development and manufacturing planning

- Barcode

- Internal processing

- E-signature

- Ce certification

- Ministry of Industry

- Warranty card

- Service qualification


- Capacity report

- Import permits

- Fiscal legislation

- Free zone

- Industrial area

- Incentive legislation

- Debt collection, public notification regulations

- Notifications and regulations, application statistics


- TSE regulations

- Production planning

- Investment incentives

- New laws and decrees

- Customs regulations

- Treasury, foreign trade regulations

- Industry registration certificate

- Trademark registration and protection, rescue legislation

- Inspection documents

- Foreign capital operating procedures

- Associations, foundations and non-governmental organization operations

- Medium and small businesses, growth planning and implementation

- Kosgeb

- ISO, TUV, OHSAS certification

- Product and market research abroad

- Complete supply of plant and machinery abroad

- Leasing and abroad intermediary service credit finance solutions

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