Why consultant?
- What is this systematic work?
- What quality standards?
- Rules bases?
- The current regulation shall be comply with ?
- How much payment I will make for this?
- Am I going to risk the business topics, trade secrets?
- How Staff will see this training?
- May be a waste of time?
- Do I work reproachful?
What is ISO? It is a quality standard. In fact, every system that conducts business is ISO. So the readings are written in your workplace, there is someone that can control certain periods of time,you should be relax.
If you want to apply to your company's standards for quality home preventing the world, we carry out appropriate quality and safety system that is combined with the existing business and always safe, regular and that will be more controllable way.
Experts will be appropriate formula in less time with our friends. Run time fee you’ll pay will be less. So ypu’ll pay what you want and how much you want to pay.
Company Coaching
To draw an analogy, life coach, regulates our lives, the company is our business coach. So, personal supports and being aware of the problem,while everything that appears shows how cumbersome and costly trials are present.
Marketing or finance department does their jobs, financial jobs, management, marketing strategies, or the law, ie, and the whole is not expected to understand. You can produce up to what it actually is in a day when the production or promote the implementation of the government which issues to consider such issues as passed / have the ability nor the time to learn how. Employees will find opportunities to improve themselves this time and we'll offer you with the most appropriate form.
When do you think you will meet with the globalized world?
When the Sensible Management Consultant is needed:
It is always heard. Just like you don’t have to be ill to see the doctor.The doctor is seen for regular checkups. Today, an average of 10 people in developed countries, one consultant is available per 10 people. Almost all companies are consulting at least 5 times in their lives. In Turkey, the situation is very different. The health of their way of analogy, for example,when someone has the stomach –ache,someone comes and says "I got this medicine, that feels good, try it" . No one says "if your pain is severe, you should see doctor".Why don’t you go to the doctor?
This is the case in 99% of enterprises in Turkey.
Operation of the financial, managerial or financial issues around instead of go to the recommendations of the consultant is like this or "hand man understands what our work is called" off into its own in the company. "We solve this thing," he lists the name of the staff, telephone, electricity, coffee and tea and sugar, stationery, fuel expenditures, "according to one's mind" starts to scratch. Thus, each of the company during the crisis "panic", it expects the crisis, just as once upon a time our Exchange "panic attacks" ,a kind of company can not grow and he even would not be aware of this.
However, "a foreigner," ie,is  a management consultant, the company's main activity is the subject specialist, expert support issues. If you say, "Is not there any expert of the subject?" ,there is of course. Just as specialized fields such as medicine can be specialized in certain sectors or issues. For example,like being "Production Supervisor’’. Which specialist is needed, and how much you need we will say to you.
Come and give it a chance.Your loss will only be staying late.
We promise;
Your production will increase. Costs will fall. Sales channels will increase. The profits manifold. Your risks will decrease. Your support will increase.